Category: 1st Assignments

Here is an example of a basic assignment post that will be stored on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th assignment pages using categories.


1st Hour Blog

You can access the 1st hour private page to post to your forums, projects, and blogs.

Please go to the 2nd hour link (a public site which does not require a password) in the right sidebar to see examples of technology tools and how they could be used in the classroom.

This blog is created to provide a space for testing out the concept of making a class blog.

I would use the page links at the top to create forum spaces for specific discussions, and this main section would provide a blog space which is categorized with the links at the bottom of the header.

This home page would be public, and I envision using it to put up homework and to act as a centralized location that parents and students could see. There would be no student work or information stored on this blog.

There would be links to all of the different class blogs in the right sidebar. Those would be private, so only students with user acounts would be able to access the work there. I believe this would work well, for students would have to log in to use the class sites, and that makes it easy to track their individual contributions. You can see an example of a blocked site on any of the links other than hour 2.

There could be a twitter feed in the header if I wanted to do summary announcements by students.

Inside the class blogs, there would be forum disscusions along the top, projects categorized at the base of the header, and links to tech tools. Inside the projects, I could put podcasts of relevant information and requirements for the projects, and the students could post links to their final projects in comments. See an example at Hour 2.